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Who is William Milo Stone?

The names of most of our beers are significant to us and have a story behind them. One of the questions we often hear is, “Who exactly is William Milo Stone?” If you’ve ever wondered the same thing about William Milo Stone Stout or another one of our beers, you can find stories on the side of each label. Today, however, let’s focus on Stone.

Our William Milo Stone Stout, formally Imperial Stout, was renamed after a suggestion from our good friend Dr. Bob Leonard. Dr. Bob is a local radio reporter, writer, local historian, and a great person to sit down and have a beer with. William Milo Stone wasn’t your ordinary Knoxvillian, and neither is this Belgian Style Imperial Stout that we craft in his honor. General Stone was a wounded Civil War Hero who hailed from right here in Knoxville, Iowa. Stone came to Knoxville 1854 where he opened a law practice and purchased the local newspaper. During the Civil War, Stone was taken prisoner by Confederate soldiers during the Battle of Shiloh. Stone was later released and continued to fight but a second injury finally ended his service. Gaining multiple promotions and a reputable reputation during the war, he was elected Governor of Iowa and served from 1877-1878. Stone was amiable with Abraham Lincoln and helped convince him to run for president. It is also said that Stone was present in Ford’s Theater the night Lincoln was shot and assisted in carrying the wounded president across the street.

This stout is bold and complex, just like Stone. Extra helpings of Belgian black malts contribute to the wonderful chocolate, coffee, and toffee characteristics. If Stone were around today, this is the beer we would offer in toast to his courage as we gathered around to hear stories of how he and his fellow Iowans fought to save a nation.

ABV: 10%


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