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Why we need to change City code

I need to explain our stance on kids in the brewery because it is a bigger issue than just kids running around the taproom.  We plan to be a customer oriented business and meet the needs of our customers in a way that makes financial sense so that we can be a viable business in the long term.  What this means is that if we find that kids are a problem in the taproom and disrupt our other customers, then likely they won’t be allowed by us, as a business decision, during certain times.  However, we are requesting the change  in the city ordinance because since we will be an operating brewery, people will travel some distance to come and visit and take tours, sometimes they will do so with their families.  We don’t want to turn anyone away from our business, or from Knoxville.  The goal would be to welcome them for a tour and get them to stay in town for a while.  Wineries and other breweries do this everyday.  We have also had many locals say that they relish the opportunity to bring their family in for a root beer while they have a beer and socialize for a little bit right after work.

The second reason we need this flexibility is because we do rent out our taproom for special events, such as rehearsal dinners, family get togethers, business  holiday parties, etc.  This could also necessitate the option of allowing kids in the doors for certain clients. 

Finally, we also make root beer and will be marketing this as strongly as our beer.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a root beer float social some Saturday afternoon?

The main point to understand is that it is not fair to categorize us a bar because we are so much more!  Because we don’t yet have our equipment in place, we realize it is hard to see past the current appearance.  But I think if you look at our issues through the lense of tourism and economic development, you can see that it is important that we have some flexibility to manage our business as needed.

If any one has comments or concerns please let us know so we can address them.  If you support our position, please let your City council members know.  You can find their contact info at


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