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Welcome to Peace Tree, what can I pour for you?

This is the week we have all been waiting for!  Thursday the 22nd will be our first open to the public night.  We are really excited to share with everyone what we have been working on so diligently.  Of course there is lots more to come in the form of brewing equipment and packaging lines but at least now we can share Brewmaster Joe’s brews with the public and get some feedback on what we should start bottling when our brew house is ready.

If you do want to come and visit us on Thursday night, you will have your choice of seven beers: Stout, Red Ale, Belgian Dark, Belgian Red, IPA, Iowa Corn Beer (a farmhouse, saison style beer) and a spicy Witbier.  We also have a rootbeer on tap if you want to bring your non drinking friends.  We will be open at 4pm with smiling faces to greet you!

We did get a little practice last week as we hosted the Israeli Ethnic Ensemble during their Arts MidWest World Fest stop in Knoxville.  The residency week was brought to town by Red Rock Arts Alliance and Knoxville Community Schools.  We had some local musicians also stop by to jam with the group and it was magical to see the different cultures mix and create.  Not to mention it was Dan’s birthday so he had some friends in for a little impromptu party.  I don’t think we could have had a better  pre-opening night.  I know I felt like I was in a dream and there were many comments that it felt like we had all been transported to some where else for the evening.  A definite success if you ask me!  If you want to read about it from one of the musician’s point of views, check out the Arts Midwest Blog.


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