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Welcome Dani!

Watch out world, we are creating JOBS!  Dani Kesteloot joined us full time last week and while we don’t have an official job title I think we could just call her the Go To Girl!  She seems to be able to do just about anything and do it with a smile on her face.  She is splitting time between admin work such as paying bills, setting up email lists, identifying retail partners, keeping the tap room looking good, organzing merchandise, booking private parties, etc and helping Joe in the brewery by making rootbeer (have you noticed it tasted extra good this week?), cleaning kegs and getting our little kitchen/brewery area in tip top shape.  If you are wondering, Dani is Joe’s wife which is a great benefit because she really knows a lot about beer!

As you may know, a new business start up is a little like  a marathon.  It is really nice to have someone fresh to help us keep going!  Not to mention, the brewery is now a little more accessible to the public because of her.  If want to stop by during daytime business hours, Dani would be glad to show you around or hook you up with your very own growler of rootbeer to take home!


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