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The only thing constant is change….

There is much to report on but we have been a little quiet while we did some soul searching about the name of the brewery.  To locals, White Breast Brewing Company makes a lot of sense but outside of the local area, many were questioning this name choice.  So, after much deliberation, we have settled on Peace Tree Brewing Company.

This name comes from a historic grand sycamore tree that was located near the town of Red Rock under what is now Lake Red Rock.  Supposedly the old sycamore was a place where Indians met for generations, then became a meeting place for fur traders.  Indian treaties were negotiated here and there is some speculation that it marks the Red Rock Line.  Our friend Dr. Robert Leonard pointed us to Iowa Archeological research document that gives more history.  

Sayles Graphic Design is now working on our logo so we should start looking more official soon!


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