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We finally have the glycol system hooked up and today they were doing the final pressure testing to make sure we don’t have any leaks.  A little more insulation, add in some glycol and we should be good to go.  Joe has ordered his first big batches of yeast in anticipation of his first brew on the 20 barrel system.  He also started washing down the floors which makes a huge difference and it is starting to look like he can brew some big beer this week. 

So, what is Joe brewing?  Whatever he wants, he is the brewmaster after all 🙂   Since October he has brewed over 20 different varieties and we have had a great time sharing these with you all in our taproom and it allowed us insight into what we should bottle initially.

  If you frequent the taproom you know that Joe’s red ale has been a favorite all along so it was an easy choice.  We are calling it Red Rambler as a throw back to our building’s roots as a Nash Rambler dealership.  We also liked the automotive tie since Knoxville has a long history as a car town. 

Next up, the Rye Porter.  We had originally thought we would bottle the stout or the coffee stout, either of which were very good but then Joe tapped the Rye Porter, YUM!  He uses a Belgian yeast with this one so it give is a nice flavor and the addition of some Belgian candy sugar adds body which makes it more of a year round beer.  Expect the stout or coffee stout to surface as seasonals…

And the last choice to bottle, could it be anything other than an IPA?  Well, yes, it is Joe’s spin on IPA which we have casually called the Three Way IPA due to its international pedigree of English hops and malt, American malt and hops, and topped off with Belgian yeast and candy sugar.  It’s official name is Hop Wrangler, inspired by Scott’s ultra cool western style snap shirt with hops embroidered all over it that we bought at the Craft Brewer’s Conference last year.

But before all of these, he is brewing a Hefeweizen to test out the system and see how it reacts.  We won’t bottle this right away but instead keg it for use in the taproom and at local tap accounts since it has been very popular when we have had it available.

So, cross your fingers and stay tuned for progress!


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