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Two years ago we bought the old Eagles building on Main Street in Knoxville.  It had become somewhat of an eyesore and was packed with old restaurant equipment and random artifacts.  We cleaned it out, upgraded the roof and restored the front windows in hopes of attracting a renter.  Well, as with many buildings in our downtown, finding a renter has been difficult.  At the same time we were searching for a renter, we were also considering businesses we could create to fill the space, create a few jobs and in general help out our town.  Laundromat?  Not much sizzle.  Indoor storage?  Kind of a waste of a nice downtown store front.  And then Dan says to Scott one day, hey, let’s start a brewery!  And now, a short while later here we are…. at the beginning of White Breast Brewing Company!

Scott and I have just returned from the Craft Brewer’s Conference in Boston and met many wonderful craft brewers and industry suppliers.  All told us that it will be hard work and there are many regulatory issues but encouraged us wholeheartedly nonetheless.  I am excited to join an industry full of such warm, enthusiastic, collaborative and fun people.

Now is the time to dig in and get going.  We have plans sketched out for the building and are meeting with contractors tomorrow to finalize the layout of the taproom, bathrooms and kitchen.  We are comparing brewery equipment, working on a job description and requirements for the brewer and completing the brewer’s notice application.  Stay tuned, it will be a wild time!


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