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Six inches

Last week was great because we walked over to the brewery in time to see Eric Harsin digging a very deep hole and find 6 inch sewer pipe running from the city main to our building.  This is fantastic because we thought there might only be 4 inch sewer which was cutting it a little close.  Good news for Knoxville too since we don’t have to tear up the street and cause another detour!  They were repouring the parking this afternoon and work shoudl be completed in the front this week.

Interior construction is coming along with the sewer and water laid inside and covered back up with cement.  The outside walls are mostly framed and getting ready for insulation.  We got a large beam in  to add some support in the front part of the building under the loft.  It should also be installed this week.  The wall for the back of the bar is also half built.

We have stalled a bit on the labeling equipment as we had to decide on whether or not we wanted neck labels.  This lead to a big discussion about bottles which ended in a quick trip to Hy-Vee for some samples…. all in the name of research.  We are now pinning down bottle suppliers so we can complete the order for the labeler and send specs to the bottling company so they can build our machine.  Also had a boiler company in on Monday to help us determine the size of boiler we need.  The problem of the week is whether or not we have a big enough gas line–keep your fingers crossed for us!


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