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Sidekick Kolsch

We are so thrilled to bring out the Sidekick Kolsch again this year!  It’s Joe’s answer to the requests for a lighter weight summer brew and of course he answered with another amazing addition to the line up.  It’s crisp, refreshing but not your typical light beer.  For some, it evokes the idea of fresh cut grass, the very essence of summer!!

You may remember this brew from last year, but this year we are offering it in 12oz 6 pack cans.  You might be wondering, why cans?  Well, they are a great container for beer since they prohibit light, allow less room for air and chill quickly.  Not to mention, how easy to pack along for camping, boating, biking, hiking, golfing or any other favorite outdoor activity?

And if you have visited our brewery, you might also be wondering, how the heck did they fit in a canning line?  Well, this is where good partners come in.  If you remember, Joe used to be at Cold Spring Brewing in Minnesota.  He was able to go and brew 300 barrels at his old job and control the entire process.  Then he went back to Cold Spring 4 weeks later to oversee the canning operation while our Sidekick was packaged.  So, we got to make a lot of beer with Joe’s recipe and creativity, test out cans and Joe got to spend a couple days with old friends.  This is the great thing about the brewing network!

And the name?  Well, the description on the can (written by our own Taylor while working on the bottling line–talk about inspired!) says it all:  Some beers fight for attention and then there are some unsung heroes.  Wearing the mask of a lager, this filtered enter ale is crisp yet refreshing yet packs a wallop of flavor.  Brewed in the tradition of Cologne, Germany, this Kolsch style ale is the perfect companion for your backpack, tackle box or picnic basket.  Ka-Pow!

Cans are shipping now… We hope you will take your Sidekick wherever you go!


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