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Saison Noir

We are excited to announce that the next beer to join our roster will be Peace Tree Saison Noir!
Saison Noir is a dark and earthy farmhouse ale, which we’ve brewed to signify the changing of the seasons.
Malted barley meets a French yeast to complement the deep, roasted notes with a fresh aroma. Saison Noir keenly balances its shadowy character with a rich and inviting presence. Let yourself be snared in its grasp.
The ABV on this one should run approximately 7.5%
Saison Noir is the bookend to our Farmhouse Trio which started this summer with Saison Blanche and was followed by Cornucopia.
Saison Noir will be getting packaged in 22oz. bottles and draft for the first time in October 2014, so stay tuned to our facebook or twitter accounts for updates!


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