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Pre finish

This week has seen an awesome pace!  On Thursday there were 5 different crews working in the brewery: general contractors, electricians, ceiling tin installers, drywall crews and painters.  Roberts framed in the explosion proof mill room and started on the stairs to the loft.  They also started installing the wood siding on west wall and it looks fantastic!  The electricians continued installing the ceiling wiring and are finishing up the high ceiling area in the tap room.  Ceiling tin is finished in the tap room and about half done in the brew house.  Pat Brown was called in quickly to start painting the beams in the brew house before the tin went up.  I was cringing as I watched him climb that high shaky ladder and reach out to scrape and paint.  The drywallers worked at such a quick pace I wish I would have taken a video.  Two spry little guys who could cut, carry, and fasten faster than anyone I have seen.  We really appreciate all the hard work that the crews are putting into our project.  Our pint glasses came in today and I showed it around to everyone to remind them that after all this hard work they can come in and have a good pint of beer and admire all their handy work.  What a great goal to look forward to!


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