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December and January have been busy months for us publicity wise.  It all started with a great article about us in the Des Moines Register business section the Sunday after Christmas.  Then we were listed as one of the top 10 places to Eat, Stay and Play in Midwest Living, quite a surprise considering we really don’t cook at our place.  Great for our local restaurants though as we have had lots of out of town visitors this month!

Then we ended up on a poll for the top new beers of 2010 on  We were amazed to even be listed considering this covers all US breweries.  And even more amazed when, due to the kindness of all our fans, we ended up a surprising fourth!

We also had a quick mention in the latest issue of Draft Magazine article on teh top 100 beer bars in the US.  El Bait Shop in Des Moines made that list and the description mentioned sipping a Peace Tree Hop Wrangler while there.  Not bad!

The biggest honor came at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet where we were named Business of the Year by our peers.  We are very appreciative of this recognition by our local community!  Of course, the thanks goes back to all of you who have shared our brews and told your friends.  Thank you!

Finally, we had sent our Brewer’s Special Release Double IPA to be reviewed by the Alstrom Brothers of Beer Advocate.  In the January issue, they gave us an A- or excellent, on the Double IPA and while some might say it doesn’t matter if your locals like the beer, we kind of like the outside confirmation.


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