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Our Story

A Passion for Brewing and Building Community

Since starting the brewery in 2009 in a former Nash Rambler car dealership in Knoxville, Iowa, we’ve maintained our mission to create great beer and support economic growth in our communities. We’re proud to brew, can, and bottle our great beer and soda in a small Iowa town. We’re also very proud to be one of Iowa’s first craft breweries, and the first 100 percent woman-owned brewery in the state.

“Opening a taproom brewery in a town of 8,000 people was unheard of. But we thought it was exciting and different. Something to make an impact in a small town and provide a sense of pride. More than a decade later, it’s amazing to see this idea alive and thriving.”
Owner Megan McKay

Peace Tree Our Story
Peace Tree

A Majestic Tree that Roots Us

The meaning behind our name, Peace Tree, continues to inspire us. The Peace Tree was a grand sycamore — estimated to be the 2nd largest in North America and more than 500 years old. It stood majestically just miles from us in Lake Red Rock. Historically, it was a place Native Americans met for generations, before it became a meeting place for fur traders. Indian treaties were negotiated there. The tree has since lost its battle with nature, but still reminds us that our focus is to make beer that is shared with friends and strangers alike and acts as a catalyst for conversations, new friendships, and important agreements.

The First 100% Woman-Owned Brewery in Iowa

A Knoxville, Iowa native Megan McKay is the Founder and CEO of Peace Tree Brewing Co. Since its inception in 2009, Peace Tree has won two prestigious, gold medal beer awards and a Green Brewery award all while maintaining a singular focus on delivering high quality, hand-crafted beers and sodas. Megan was recognized recently as 40 Women to Watch in Iowa’s Hospitality Industry.

Megan Mckay

Powered by an Amazing Team

Peace Tree Brewing Team

Our success lies in the expertise of our team. Sure, we are smart, fun, hardworking, and easy to hang out with. But beneath it all we share a drive to create the very best experience for our customers. We are grateful for all the ways we make Peace Tree a heartfelt success in our taprooms, on the shelves, and in local bars and restaurants across Iowa and Nebraska.