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New concrete, new shirts, new beers….

Today they poured the concrete around the perimeter of the brew house where our tanks will stand.  This ended up being a more comprehensive process than just taking out chunks for the drains since the concrete was very old and in poor shape.  The past couple of weeks they removed all the old concrete and dug out where the large trough drains will go.  Once this cures they will add the drains and we are ready for tanks!   This should also help reduce the amount of dust that has been floating around.

We also received a new shipment of t-shirts.  The new shirts now say Knoxville, Iowa so people will know where we are.  We have some long sleeve, men’s with complimentary color ringers at the neck and sleeve and some additional women’s in chocolate brown.  Most exciting are the kids and toddlers!  They feature our logo with Hand Crafted Sodas underneath, making them age appropriate!

Also this week Joe is featuring a couple of new beers.  First a Hefeweizen which is a Germans style unfiltered wheat.  Second, he has been experimenting with his Belgian Red with the addition of candy sugar to add some interesting fruity esters and even a little hint of bubble gum.

And in case you are wondering, City Council has recommended that an ordinance be brought forth that would change City code to allow minors into a brewery.  They will be voting on the 30th so be sure to let them know  your support if you see any council members around town.  Thanks again to all of you who signed on in favor of this change and forwarded your well wishes!  We are so glad to be a part of such a warm community!

Finally, we had a great time delivering Root Beer to the local 3M plant this week for their root beer social to cover all four shifts.  Hopefully they enjoyed it as much as we did! 

Thank you and look forward to seeing you in the tap room this week.  Don’t forget it is Living Window’s in downtown Knoxville so take extra care watching for all the pedestrians as they peruse the wonderful displays in each storefront!


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