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Since we first posted this we have had a lot of discussions about cover charge…. do it or don’t?  Does it really allow us to pay musicians more?  Do people get irritated when they show up not realizing there is live music that night?  Are we being fair about collecting?  The consensus was to continue with a cover charge.  It really does help us to pay a little better.  And philosophically, we just think it’s right for people to pay for art.  The musicians aren’t just working the two hours they are there.  They have set up time, practice time, driving time and costs for equipment.  Think about all the hard work and creativity that goes into good live, original music.  We hope you appreciate us bringing entertainment to our taproom, we certainly apprecitate having it!

Original post:
Part of the reason we started our little brewery on Main Street was to add some life and culture to our hometown.  Small towns are often overlooked by travelling artists because there is no venue that welcomes them.  Or business owners who might provide a venue just think the locals want the same old thing, you know, because we’ve always done it that way.


Well, not here.  We (all the brewery peeps) live here and we like art and music and fun.  And frankly, we are often too busy anymore to drive to Des Moines or further places so we thought it would be fun to create our own little place.  So far it has worked well.  We have a 60 seat taproom, intimate, yet big enough to host a band.  We built a small stage to welcome our musicians.  Locals have been open to new options (as we have found out from the great response to craft beer!). More and more people have realized Knoxville is not too far away for nice night out.  And frankly, we have more musicians calling asking to book shows than we know what do do with, probably because:  1.  they heard we try to pay a fair price for their art, 2.  we have good beer to offer during the show and 3. the crowd is always warm and hospitable.  We charge a nominal $5 cover because we believe people should be accustomed to paying for artist’s work.


We keep our calendar  updated regularly and try to do live local music at least 2 times a month, sometimes more.  Below are many of the artists we have hosted in the past.  We look forward to adding to our list while maintaining great relationships with those we have had in the past.  If you know someone that would be a good fit, pass it on or have them contact us!


Peace Tree Stage Alumni:
Jon McLemore (now of Street Corner Symphony via the Sing Off fame)
Thankful Dirt
Don’t Wake the Baby (a smaller version of the popular Monday Mourners)
Jason Walsmith (of The Nadas )
Joe and Vicki Price
Lojo Russo
Blue Grit
Randy Burk (of The Prisoners)
Brother’s Burn Mountain
Sam Knutson
Jefferson County Green Band
Andy Fleming with Dave Ford
Retro Jukebox
Lick it Ticket
Mr. Baber’s Neighbors: Solar String Band
David Zollo


Arts Midwest Worldfest Musicians:
Israeli Ethnic Ensemble
Mauvais Sort
Beauty and Melody


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