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It’s Rye Porter Season!

Autumn weather is here, and one of our favorite parts about the cooler weather is breaking out some darker brews!

First for the season ahead will be our Rye Porter!

Peace Tree Rye Porter gets a boost from malted rye and chocolate rye as well as Belgian sugar for a smooth and complex flavor. Belgian yeast is added to complement the chocolate and rye character and the brew is delicately hopped so as not to overpower the maltiness.  Pair it with chocolate for a special treat!  Approximately 6% ABV.

Our first batch of this season’s Rye Porter has been brewed will be getting transferred and packaged by late October.  Look for it in 6-packs and draft at a location near you soon!

*Note:  We are pleased that Rye Porter will be extending its season this year.  However, doing this shifts our brewing schedule, so we have decided not to package our Black River Gumbo this season.  Imperial Stout will still be available in December.


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