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Is that a flying silo?

Why yes it is!  An amazing delivery today of our grain silo which is the first big piece of equipment to arrive.  It doesn’t really sound that exciting but considering the situation, it was fascinating to watch them unload and set it.  We all agreed the silo looked a lot bigger standing up then when it was on the truck.  The silo now sits at the back of our storage shed, in the alley, just underneath some high voltage power lines.  Luckily, the lot next door is fairly empty and Roberts have made friends with a semi driver who was kind enough to come and help.  The silo delivery truck has a large crane on it to lift the silo.  They hooked up the trailer to the borrowed semi then lifted the silo onto the ground.  After this, the crane truck parked at an angle at the corner of the building and tipped the silo upright.  It appeared they were ready to manuever it into place when Joe and Scott joked that the delivery man/crane operator was going to lift the silo over the building and plop it on the newly poured concrete pad.  And then we stared in disbelief when they did just that.  I don’t care who you are, big machines lifting a big metal silo 20 feet in the air is amazing to watch.  Especially as it was swaying in the wind, tethered only by a strap held with one hand by the crane operator while he worked the controls with the other hand. 

We also have a large strip of our brewhouse floor torn up so they can pour new concrete and install the drains.  The other two sections of the U shaped drain will be done soon.  Meheen Manufacturing called today and our bottling line is also completed.  Joe is making plans to visit Meheen in Washington so he can learn the finer points of the bottle filler.

The tap room has been open for two Thursdays now and so far so good.  We have seen some familiar faces and met new freiends  Joe has been very hard at work brewing some amazing beers. Last week he debuted a coffee stout poured from a nitrogen tap.  The corn beer was a great success and will be making a return in the next couple of weeks.  The red ale seems to be the weekly favorite and we are at the point of rationing so we have enough each week.  Debutingthis week is an edelweiss wheat beer with Iowa grapes and a brown ale.  Cheers!


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