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Indecision Dark IPA

Our next seasonal brew to appear in 22 ounce bombers will be Indecision Dark IPA!

We’ve been excited to unleash this brew for a very long time, and with the addition of a 22oz bottling line this past fall, we’re finally able to share it with you!

Our beer naming sessions find us scouring the dark recesses of our minds for the one perfect title. After a year’s worth of planning and hundreds of possible names for our Dark IPA, we had yet to reach a consensus.

What’s in a name?

More importantly, “what’s in the beer?”

The answer to that is complex dark malts and an abundance of hops. It’s a bold brew with deep flavor and character. We’ll let it speak for itself.

Indecision Dark IPA will be approximately 8% ABV and hit you with over 100 IBUs of hoppiness.

Indecision has been brewed and should be making its way into bottles in the very near future!  Look for it in stores before the end of March 2014!


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