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Good news!

Knoxville City Council approved an ordinance last night  that will allow minors into establishments that also have a brewers license.  We are very happy with this outcome and appreciate everyone’s support through this process.  The new ordinance will go into effect after it is published in the paper on Friday.  This is really great news since we plan to be open the day after Christmas to offer tours of our facility.  Now, it can be a family event!

We ordered our growlers but they will not be here until the 14th so if you want a growler of rootbeer, you will have to wait until next week.  If you would like to reserve a growler for Christmas pick up, please email  We will one (or more) aside for you and schedule a time for pick up if not during our normal Thursday night opening.

In the brewery, we now have lights in the back and it makes a big difference.  If anyone suffers from seasonal affective disorder, come on over and stand in our lights for a while–You will feel great and maybe get a tan! The brew equipment has been confirmed to ship on the 14th and arrive on the 18th.  The drains have all been installed and I think we are ready to go! 

New beers this week include Joe’s special 3 Way IPA.  A truly international affair it is brewed with American malt and hops, English malt and hops and Belgian yeast and candy sugar.  He has also made a Belgian Dark with candy sugar which is a variation on a stout but has belgian yeast which gives a little more fruit undertones and is a bit smoother with the addition of the candy sugar.  We are updating these on the side of our website each Tuesday!


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