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First brew and new walls

Last Thursday our small brew system from Sabco arrived.  This will be the pilot system on which Joe can try out small batches of new recipes.  On Friday he brewed an IPA just to test it out and today he put down a red ale.  We have to wait 3 weeks for any finished product taste testing….so start counting down!

Construction is moving along at a great pace.  The beam was secured in the middle of the tap room and all of the interior walls have been framed.  They are tuck pointing the front of the building and will be pulling out bricks under the windows to replace with stones so we don’t have water issues later.  The garage door in the front was closed up this afternoon as well.  We know we are getting closer to the end because we picked out stone for the front in less than 60 seconds, a decision that would have taken a week of deliberating and disagreeing a month earlier.

Today we got 6 pallets of kegs, which is only about half of what we will need but they sure take up a lot of space.  As Scott was forklifting these silver containers with Peace Tree Brewing stamped on them into the storage shed, this little brewery project seemed more real than ever!


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