Knoxville Nationals + 4 Wide Wheat

Knoxville Nationals + 4 Wide Wheat

4 Wide Wheat is our salute to Knoxville, the raceway, and the fans that flock to our community every summer to experience the Sprint Car Capital of the World. Our Belgian-Style Wheat beer is A-main worthy with a smooth, light taste sure to quench the thirst after a long, hot August day during Nationals. This golden ale is brewed with Belgian yeast giving the beer hints of sweet, fruitiness. Perfect for pre-race festivities or finish lines celebrations, 4 Wide Wheat is brewed right here in downtown Knoxville with a whole lot of pride and a little bit of elbow grease.
4 Wide Wheat will be available on draft in our Knoxville Taproom, Peace Tree Beer Garden at Knoxville Raceway, and the Iowa Beer Bus at 360 & 410 Nationals, August 2-August 11.

Our taproom will have extended hours:
Thursday, August 2: 2-10pm
Friday, August 3: 2-10pm
Saturday, August 4: 11am-11pm
Sunday, August 5: 11am-8pm
Monday, August 6: 11am-10pm
Tuesday, August 7: 11am-10pm
Wednesday, August 8: 11am-10pm
Thursday, August 9: 11am-10pm
Friday, August 10: 11am-11pm
Saturday, August 11: 10am-11pm

We will have commemorative glassware for sale in the taproom for $5 or buy a glass and have it filled with 4 Wide Wheat for $6. This year we will have 4 Wide Wheat t-shirts and ladies tank tops for sale in our taproom and at the track! Peace Tree – Knoxville Taproom Events during 360/410 NationalsWednesday, August 1:
4 Wide Wheat Release, 5-10

Friday, August 3:
Jon Agan with Agan Motorsports at Peace Tree, 2-4pm

Saturday, August 4:
Pre-Race Happy Hour, 11am-5pm

Monday, August 5:
WoO Show Truck comes to Peace Tree, 2-4pm
Warehouse Barbecue serving lunch, 12-4pm

Tuesday, August 7:
Henna by Maggie,
Happy Hour, 6-10pm

Wednesday, August 8:
Pre-Race Happy Hour, 11am-5pm
Warehouse Barbecue serving lunch, 12-4pm

Thursday, August 9:
Warehouse Barbecue serving lunch, 12-4pm

Friday, August 10:
Warehouse Barbecue serving lunch, 12-4pm

Saturday, August 11:
Peace Tree Brewery Tours, 12pm-4pm
Melts without Borders serving  brunch/lunch, 10am-4pm

**Schedule Peace Tree brewery tours here or call our taproom at 641-842-2739.**

To keep up with our Knoxville Taproom during Nationals, follow us on social media:
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