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Cornucopia is back!

We’re excited to announce that Cornucopia is now back for a limited time!

Cornucopia is Peace Tree’s twist on a saison, or farmhouse ale, brewed with the addition of sweet corn.

This year, we sourced sweet corn in early July from our friends at Mott’s Farms in nearby Pleasantville, Iowa.

Cornucopia begins with the finest quality malt barley.  Then, the ears of sweet corn are added to the mash, with their stalks bundled and boiled in the brew kettle to release even more sugars.  The yeast ferments this unique brew and brings out fruity aromas and earthy flavors.

This year, Cornucopia has moved from its former 12oz stubby bottle to single 22oz bombers.  We’ve done this as part of our new farmhouse series – which includes our recently packaged Saison Blanche and our upcoming release of Saison Noir.

We’re excited to release Saison Blanche and Saison Noir for the very first time as part of this series and we think that Cornucopia fits perfectly in the trio.

Cornucopia has been packaged as of August 26th, 2014 and will be arriving in store shelves and draft in the near future.  This is the only batch of the season, so get it while you can!



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