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Construction begins

Or should I say deconstruction continues!  Last week Rusty and Troy from Roberts Construction called to let us know that since it was raining they were ready to get some work done inside.  The Roberts’crew started tearing out the remainng guts of the building: the back wall, the false ceiling over half of the tap room and the tin that covers the entire ceiling of the building.  Later in the week Danny Pearson from Dan’s Plumbing and Heating was in to take out the old heating units and disconnect the old water heaters.  We are so glad to have great contractors to work with us on this project! 

Today the tin is coming off the ceiling.  Quite a bit of it is rusted from years of neglect.  We are planning to salvage what we can to use as new ceiling covering, wall covering or decor. 

Still a bit to do before we can start construction but at least I could walk all of the way to the back of the building without climbing through scary old walls.  Scott is busy hatching ideas for the look of the tap room.  We are evaluating the brewer applications we received last week and looking forward to getting this important hire completed soon so we can work on equipment purchasing!


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