On the Radio

Our local radio station was kind enough to do an interview on the brewery plans.  Dr. Bob Leonard does a local program called In Depth. ..

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Construction begins

Or should I say deconstruction continues!  Last week Rusty and Troy from Roberts Construction called to let us know that since it was..

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Can Vs. Bottles

In a start up brewery, the most economical package to distribute is a keg. Since I don’t know anyone other than my husband who has a keg..

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Brewery Visits

Scott and I were travelling last week on insurance business but decided to add some brewery business as well.  We had the opportunity to..

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Local Brews. Crafty!

So what exactly is a craft brewery?  It is a small brewery that is independently owned and produces all malt beers without the use of..

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Something’s brewing

Two years ago we bought the old Eagles building on Main Street in Knoxville.  It had become somewhat of an eyesore and was packed with..

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