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Can Vs. Bottles

In a start up brewery, the most economical package to distribute is a keg. Since I don’t know anyone other than my husband who has a keg fridge, we will have to start canning or bottling at some point to reach your fridge.  We are hotly debating cans vs. bottles for our small packages.  In fact, the craft beer industry as a whole is debating this issue.  So here are the pluses and minuses both ways….

Cans:  Pros-easier to recycle, less packing space, more portable for recreational activities, better for the beer (no light, less air gets to beer), chills faster  Cons-the stigma associated with can beer being cheap beer, you have to buy a lot of cans with the same label, some say there is a metallic taste (cans are coated on the inside with plastic so this shouldn’t be the case)

Bottles: Pros- nice looking, easier to change labels, traditional craft brew packaging  Cons- larger package size needs more storage space, light can penetrate the  bottles, have to buy bottles and labels separately, separate machines to bottle, then label

Do you have thoughts?  Would you buy craft beer in a can?


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