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It’s been quiet, but that will change soon

Building Plans 7-14

On the surface it has been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks but lots of groundwork has been laid.  Last week we met with Robert’s Construction to finalize the building plans.   A few minor changes were made and new plans have been approved.  Troy Roberts chalked out the interior walls so we could walk through the layout which was great to get a feel for the space.  We had lots of discussions about sewer and water.  This infrastructure is very important to a brewery because we will use so much of both.  The good thing is we are doing it right from the beginning and we won’t have to worry about it down the road.  The bad news is that after another scope of the sewer line, it appears we will need to tear up an entire section of Main Street to connect to the City mains.  I have no doubt that Eric Harsin will get this done quickly and efficiently.

The really big news is that Joe Kesteloot, our Brew Master, had his first day with us on Monday.  We had a great first day discussing all of the planning we have done thus far and figuring out where we need to go.  He has really dug into comparing equipment options and should have some recommendations by the end of the week.  I am just happy he showed up the second day and hasn’t yet told us that we are nuts.  Once the equipment order is in, he will be focusing on some of the ancillary equipment such as grain silo’s, coolers and of course sourcing malts and hops.  Once he gets settled in a bit, he will start posting here as well.


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