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Black River Gumbo Stout

Our latest seasonal offering debut’s just in time for Christmas!

This dark deliciousness is named after the gumbo dirt of the Des Moines River bottom which nourished our Peace Tree and is now used as the surface for Knoxville’s famous Sprint Car track.  Instead of using traditional ale yeast required of a stout, a Belgian yeast was used to add complexity.  This stout is brewed with high quality pale malt, three roasted malts and two caramel malts.  The dark roasted caramel malts contribute to the chocolate and toffee characteristics. Three varieties of hops contribute to the bitterness and aromas of this beer.

It heads out to stores this week in 6 packs but not your typical 6 packs.  Because it is a small run, we thought we’d experiment a little with the packaging.  So this time we are using a recycled plastic 6 pack ring.  It reduces the amount of packaging and shows off our good looking bottles.

And if you really want a treat, stop by the taproom because we have it on a nitrogen tap…..mmmm!!  And the added bonus is that you get to watch the beautiful cascading action.


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