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Beer, Barbeque and the Gov

Last night, I had the honor to serve Peace Tree brew at Terrace Hill, the official residence of the Governor of Iowa.  They were celebrating the Iowa Barbeque Society and the impact the barbeque industry has made in Iowa and invited a couple of Native Iowa Wineries and Breweries to sample for the crowd.  It was a lovely event on the lawn with the smells of bbq, the sounds of a rock blues trio and of course the beautiful gardens at Terrace Hill.  Regardless of your political leanings, it’s pretty cool to sample your wares to the head of the state and his invited guests!

The staff on hand were all very helpful and I even ran into another Knoxvillian who volunteers for the Terrace Hill Historical Association.  Not to mention reconnecting with an architect who was part of the Iowa Architectural Association team who helped us re-vision downtown Knoxville, the nephew of one of my mother’s cousins, and the sister-in-law and brother-in-law of one of our insurance underwriters, who also happens to be the sister of one of the big bar owners with whom we would like to do more business.  Why do you need to know all of this?  Because it is one of the things I love about Iowa; we are all so connected.  This leads to a great place to do business because of the power of the relationships we build.  It has certainly helped us as we are getting Peace Tree off the ground.

Another reason it was great to visit Terrace Hill…the bill signed this Spring by Governor Culver that raised the limit of alcohol allowed in our brews.  I was sure to personally thank the Governor as I handed him a glass of the Blonde Fatale so he could enjoy the fruits of this legislation!


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