Kiss From a Gose

Kiss From a Gose

A brand new spring seasonal is just around the corner!

There is so much a beer can tell you, so much it can say.  Kiss from a Gose is our twist on a classic German gose (pronounced “goes-uh”).

This cloudy, golden ale is brewed with malted wheat and barley and undergoes a kettle souring for pronounced tartness. Coriander and hops complement the acidity with a dry spiciness.  Premium sea salt from the Oregon coast is added for a hint of brine and the addition of rose hips imparts a subtly floral, citrus character.

This refreshingly tart ale is brewed with our power, our pleasure and our pain. The more you taste of it, the stranger it feels.

Kiss from a Gose is 5.25% ABV and will be available in late February–early March in 6-pack bottles and draft.


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