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Anniversary Ales Now Available!

The time has come!
To commemorate Peace Tree’s 5-Year Anniversary, we have released limited edition bottles of our Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout and Wild Red Ale!
These beers are only available in our taproom here in Knoxville, so you’ll have to stop down for a visit!
Each 22 fl.oz. bomber will feature a super cool, custom-printed wood veneer label.  They are currently retailing here at $12/bottle (plus tax & deposit)
Descriptions of these two anniversary ales are as follows:
Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
To commemorate our first five years, we bring you this Imperial Stout, which has been aged in rye whiskey barrels for no less than 15 months. The deep color and malty backbone come from heavy additions of dark-roasted and caramel malts. These chocolate and coffee characteristics are balanced by mild hops and from the complex esters developed through the Belgian-style yeast during fermentation. Barrel-aging for over a year has imparted the deep oak and rye whiskey flavors that make this one flavorful brew!
Wild Red Ale
Looking back at our very first batches five years ago, we reflect on our evolution as a brewery. We’ve grown quicker than we could have imagined and owe that success to all of you who’ve supported our dream. The beer in this bottle has also been evolving. It began fermenting as an amber ale more than three years ago, and was then introduced to used oak barrels with an in-house wild yeast. We finally finished aging with Brettanomyces to lend a slight tart cherry character. We celebrate our first five years with this barrel-aged brew and raise a toast to the next five!
This beer has been bottle conditioned and will be presented slightly flat in the traditional style. Brewmaster Joe has personally roused each bottle to promote bottle conditioning.


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